Lost in the World?

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While I start to write this passage sitting in one of the lined bench under the shade of a Pine tree before my faculty at the Anadolu University among many young ones like me sitting, chatting and trotting around, I ask an almost strange question to myself; am I lost in this world? Well after some confusing moments the answer pops up in front of me quite clearly-Yes!

Wa..?! I was born to a good family, I had my education at school, I chose my career path, I had not lived a slave’s life so far in fact I have enjoyed the freedom in my life as I’m supposed to be so. So how come that I’m lost in the earth as I’m a hundred percent sure about where I’m seated in even now, as I’ve mentioned at the beginning.

It’s explicit isn’t it? I know where I am and everybody who I use to know are in knowledge of where I am and it’s crystal clear again that I’m not lost at all! Yes, if everything was measured like this on physical basis and on visible reality, why would I come up with such a title?

Let me make a swirl on your brains. Are we really living in a world as it is meant to be living or is it just a virtual kind of world designed for us by some world order design experts? I think the second one is the most appropriate for most of us. Personal Identity is what I’m referring to. Just look around ourselves starting from us, our siblings, friends and others etc. Look at our habits, our behavior, how we spend a day in our life, what are the factors motivating us and so on. When all of these are put together collectively, analyzed and then brought out as a result, what we could say in chorus is that there is or are some forces keeping deciding our lives; we no more can keep ourselves in our own designed boundary nor can find solutions for our own problems. Indeed this must be concerned with an extra attention I guess. This is of course the presence of an invisible world designed for us, the today’s generation. And the designers are those who have resort to earn money inducing the feelings of the growing young generation who are very much flexible and not in least point immune to any kind of attractive elements. And in some cases they are the people who work behind some anti-religious agendas.

Drugs, Alcohol and women were the little fishes in the hook for those unkind looters for some ages. Still with their existence the world has been almost possessed nowadays with an adoring predator. Technology, to call it more decently. Its vitality is in fact defined to the extend as ‘inevitable in our times’. May be true and maybe it was invented as a purpose of service to the modern man. But the ones who have control of it are the very devils who I’m trying to bring before our attention.

We’ve got a beautiful phone today with unimaginable features which are being introduced to us as if in competition every day, we’ve got powerful computers, we’ve got Hollywoods and Bollywoods which presents us with amazing movies as we call it , and now as the latest we have even got our own facebook accounts where we have opened ourselves to the whole world with all our details explicit who we are, where are we from, what are we up to and all the rest of it. I’m sure that if my great grandfather lives now for a moment he will have to find no other word than ‘nonsense’ looking at these.

Did not the previous generations live a happy life? Didn’t they learn, didn’t they earn? Didn’t they have enough time for their family? They were indeed living a pure, beautiful, unlimited life. To put it more correctly, they were the people who tasted every flipping moment in their lives. There were even great heroes among them who fought for great causes and what made them more special was that they weren’t slaves for any or anything except for those who were meant to be slaves because of certain reasons. In short, they lived a legendary life and moreover they preserved this planet for the better living of the upcoming generation; for us!

What are we today? Haven’t we lost our identities? How many of us thought at least to think why do we run after such luxury phones and devices; why is it when every second a new movie is released, it’s made available on the internet for free in spite being a billion dollar effort; and has it ever crossed across us, what’s gonna be so personal after we have made ourselves so public in the internet. Isn’t it triggering us to think that there is some power over every head of us which is being saying us what to do, which’s being directing our lives beyond our controls. So this is what I’m talking about. Why are we living in such a slavery, why is it not for us who can’t design our own destiny? Why can’t we prepare our own time lines which would specify our objectives, draw our mission thereby guiding to our vision, rather than running behind some timeless agendas? What other good word can I find to describe this plight than ‘Slavery’; the modern day slavery I mean.

We have lost our brains; we have lost our minds and our personal identities for the rest. May be I could have made a clear description on how do the above mentioned factors take control of our own lives but let me leave it to you, to your brains to run a little research on it, to make yourself clear to whom and which you are slave and to whom you are not and to construct your own path, your own future which would enrich the future world and of course yourselves. The every ‘you’ mentioned here applies for me as well. Come on, let’s free ourselves, let’s not get lost in any part of this world, as this world isn’t a place which’s meant to be lost.             

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Aqmal Ahsan

Aqmal Ahsan

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