The Need for Collaboration Among Us

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Have you known what makes the fisherman to put all the live Crabs into a basket? The crabs themselves of course! They keep on crawling up, one on another, one on another until no crab spills out, because each of them was an obstacle to another.

Now with the little scenario above, when I ask you to drop a gaze over the muslim community in Sri Lanka, I’m sure that you would have already figured it to be the Islamic Movements among us. These movements are none but unofficial representatives of every muslim in this island. But these have some or however failed merely to prove themselves in the past few years. And on the contrary these have but caused sparks within the community which eventually had not failed to grab the attention of the fellow citizens of this land.

The conflict or un-agreement between us which is in fact a disease of this society springs out from a many reasons. This would only bring about a disaster to the whole body unless the remedy is found and cured. On this month’s Trend, I would like to emphasize on four principles stated by Usthaz Bediuzzaman related with such misconceptions and the due remedies for them.

The first among those principles is ``When you know your way and opinions to be true, you have the right to say, "My way is right and the best." But you do not have the right to say, "Only my way is right." According to the sense of "The eye of contentment is too dim to perceive faults; it is the eye of anger that exhibits all vice;" your unjust view and distorted opinion cannot be the all-decisive judge and cannot condemn the belief of another as invalid”.

The next he says that “It is your right that all that you say should be true, but not that you should say all that is true. For one of insincere intention may sometimes take unkindly to advice, and react against it unfavourably”.

As the third one, “If you wish to nourish enmity, then direct it against the enmity in your heart, and be an enemy of your evil commanding soul. He also stresses that if you wish to defeat an enemy, respond to his evil with good. For responding in evil will increase the enmity and even though he is outwardly defeated, he will nurture hatred in his heart and hostility will persist.

The last principle goes as “Those who cherish rancour and enmity transgress against their own souls, their brother believer, and Divine mercy. For such a person condemns his soul to painful torment with his rancour and enmity. He imposes torment on his soul whenever his enemy receives some bounty, and pain from fear of him. If his enmity arises from envy, then it is the most severe form of torment. For envy in the first place consumes and destroys the envier, and its harm for the one envied is either slight or nonexistent”.

The above were four principles under the fourth aspect among the many of them, which stands as reason for un-agreement among the Muslims and their remedy. No doubt that our movements’ got a lot of heed to take from them.

As Muslims, our collective goal unites us all towards one direction. We all work for the contentment of Almighty God. Mis-opinions are a reflection of a true and nature of the mankind which definitely does manifest the oneness of the God to create the same kind of a creature in differences.  It had always existed in the history of the Mankind, in fact even among the great companions of the Prophet(pbuh). But since our objective is one, it’s not that we should despite over the differences among us but unite on the base of many commonalities. Look how Bediuzzaman puts it so beautifully:

“Your Creator, Owner, Object of Worship, and Provider is one and the same for both of you; thousands of things are and the same for you. Your Prophet, your religion, your qibla are one and the same; hundreds of things are one and the same for you. Then too your village is one, your state is one, your country is one; tens of things are one and the same for you. All of these things held in common dictate oneness and unity, union and concord, love and brotherhood, and indeed the cosmos and the planets are similarly interlinked by unseen chains. If, despite all this, you prefer things worthless and transient as a spider's web that give rise to dispute and discord, to rancour and enmity, and engage in true enmity towards a believer, then you will understand -unless your heart is dead and your intelligence extinguished- how great is your disrespect for that bond of unity, your slight to that relation of love, your transgression against that tie of brotherhood!”  

Yes, how great is our disrespect for that bond of unity?! As I had stated above, the Movements do reflect the aspect of difference among us, I’m a member of the movement which carries the very same idea inspired by me. And my brother, His. Is it all possible that such a thinking pattern should inflict enmity among us rather making way for sharing and collaborating our ideologies towards a positive cause? Hence we must try reflect the maturity in us. Every movement and organizations among us are worthy more than Golds simply because all strive for the betterment of the Human society in the Hereafter seeking his contentment. Therefore every individual and groups among us are worthy to be respected, if it’s the eternal award we are waiting for sincerely.

Love can do what hate don’t. Let’s learn to love, Practice love and teach to love. Let’s not envy our fellow’s advancement as the crabs do but corporate with each other so that all of us can grow together. Let’s walk strait as worthy creatures of this modern civilization, but not as savages. 

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