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Following the International Women’s day, The Fikir Adası has chosen the subject of Women for its April issue under various sub branches of discussion. Though I’m a person who is not interested in dragging such a topic to street debate since the quil has dried already and the status has been plainly defined, I will be pleased to hark back on certain aspects with interest to this subject, more in the light of Islam.


The reason for my apathy on this theme as I said was not due to its insignificance but rather the belief of the elevated nature of women as a whole with all her positives and negatives as defined by Islam to the extent that it doesn’t necessitate a further yank. When the Europe had been discussing about the women being human or not and treating them as savages and slaves who deserved the palaces only to feed hungry senses with their flesh, Islam had already spread the heaven under her feet. She was gifted with the right to live when she was buried alive under the dried sands. She was given three fourth preferences over men, in care. To define the best of men, Prophet (SAV) had to base it on women saying, those are who best for their women. Even a dead woman with child on her womb was dignified with the utmost status of being a martyr. Her status is already decreed and well precise. But those who tend to confound with it today are those who expect a benefit of selfishness from her ‘being’, extending from the prisoners of certain traditional practices to the modern day Rome or the west and its followers who concentrate on puffing out the wealth of their elites.  

To confine the entire dignity of the womankind to -one single day in a year is absolutely an imprudent and irrational scheme of thought. Such an initiative in my opinion, definitely does question the equality of her status with the men as a human being since she is merely separated as a different element from that moment as she’s not supposed to be so. Her place and rights are well defined. Her voice has the power to echo equally with that of the men in the social context. Education, social reforming and all such areas have stretched their arms enough to accept her in as they do with men. Thanks to Islam which has shattered all the string around her and brought her to the forefront to stand beside the men which doesn’t fall over me or you to question its certainty in any context.

However, the mankind is obsessed with the transitional worldly matters so much so he forgets the existence of a hereafter and designs all his missions and vision having this worldly life as its boundary, being aware for certain of his limited nature of lifetime. Hence he is made deprived from his absolute and true duty of his life most of the time and found busy more materialistically with insignificant causes.

It’s indisputable that a goat has been created to provide milk, a hen to lay egg and a tree to bare fruit. The cloud assumes job to shower rain, the sun to provide heat and light and even tiniest creatures like flies to clean this world. Each and every creature has been defined with a duty that adorns each of them in their own way. Likewise the humankind has been created and assigned with a superior task to arrive at the purpose of his creation. And among the humankind there are two main subjects who are the Man and woman and each of them has both separate  obligations according to their unique nature of creation which adorns them in their own respectable way. A man according to his features has particular tasks to do and a woman with her certain differing features and characteristics is assigned with certain tasks in her life. They both are like a set of puzzle which absolutes each other pieces with its own ups and downs and finally displays about a beautiful portrait. Each of them complete each other with their unique features and thereby duties accordingly.

The actual clash begins when the duties and responsibilities of those elements are being neglected or miss prioritized with the other. For example the role of a woman is more vital when it comes to a household or family than that of the men, especially in an area like child caring as it’s only a mother who can express that extreme compassion to a child, which also plays a tremendous role in the child’s future. When she tends to involve herself in rest of the activities forgoing her role in the household, she will be neglecting her utmost duty which is so unique and intertwined with her very own faculty as a woman. Though evident as a negligible event, this has high probability to shatter down a vast social structure as we witness today in certain parts of the world. The order should be preserved. It cannot be relinquished for worldly gains as stated above since the creation of man in such a huge, orderly and marvelous universe does not definitely mean to confine him to this transitional world but to prepare him for an eternal life.  And this worldly life is all about duties and those who complete them perfectly will have the prerequisite of attaining with what is promised. But unfortunately, all what happens most of the time in the world of human being is that we act as if we are here to live forever!

Hence, the ultimate goal in this world is to ascertain a peaceful life and thereby to attain a peaceful hereafter. Both men and women when prioritize their tasks according to significance basing not in material gains, they can indeed bring about a healthy society which eventually even produce positive social indexes. Let’s not look at either of the sexes with a finite natured material eye but as pure souls who are equal in the place of God and as task holders who are entitled with the greatest of all the jobs in the world which is to know and introduce their God to their colleagues.

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