A Condolence Note to the Muslim World

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From where let me start this note I wonder. From the outnumbered graveyards of Gaza and Syria or the butchered bloody huts in Central Africa? The Tahrir which was deceived with its own history or the east china where an iron fist has interfered in a free will? Or is it with little countries like Myanmar or Sri Lanka where the minorities are provoked with despotism? To who to prioritize this condolence amidst of this great global mourning of the muslim world, is my only agony as it has been yours’ for only blood would write what I narrate and not ink.

A man who would have to observe this beautiful earth from the space above would only witness the catastrophes where the mankind runs blood; remember? Like the angels questioned the creator out of ignorance when he would create the mankind, ‘Will you create not a crowd who would run blood?’. He would then perceive it to be those words manifesting throughout the world and then fall in to depression, lose hope and ultimately lose faith. But, a true believer’s case cannot be as so since he has been already guided with the happenings and cause and taught to rely full trust upon the ever eternal. Hence my little trial here is to portrait the silver lining which would be a solace for what the muslim world has been facing presently and the secret behind the divine test.

After the fall of Ottomon Empire in the early part of last century the Muslim nations were all, mostly colonized by the European powers with the help of divide and rule policy. Most of its wealth were exploited and those occupied states found themselves merely as a football being kicked by those powers, no one to take care of and wipe the tears even at the point of suppression and deliberate miss-verdicts of the west as they do today. This had blown up the heart of Ustaz Bediuzzaman who was known as the wonder of the age, to the extend that he says the following “I have tolerated the distress caused to me but the agony which has come over the Muslims has crushed me. I feel every strike that befalls on the Muslim world as striking me first and that’s what makes me crushed. But I see a light. And that’s going to eliminate all my pain and agony if God wills”.

If we were to ponder in to the concept of light here it would clearly reveal us that such a result today will occur because of only three main reasons and they are the material, moral and spiritual progress of the muslims. These causes which Ustaz Bediuzzaman had soundly mentioned a hundred years back in his Damascus sermon is showing its way out little by little within the global muslim community today. To mention some of them, a healthy and steady rise in the crowd of muslims in the western world today who are well informed of the religion and have strict adherence to its moral principles which has attracted a huger community around towards the teaching of Islam. Then muslim countries like Malaysia and Turkey which have shown keen interest In the production sector and conquering of certain areas in the world market. And areas like media and technology are merely flooding with the presence of muslim personalities today who would serve the community, at least who would present and take the positive and negative developments of the community to the world. Along with these even recognitions of various muslims in certain areas like science, technology and many other areas, all have shown a sound potentiality under material progress. There is also an aware and awakening within the present generation muslims who aren’t followers of the traditional teachings but brought up under thought based moderate spiritual learning who have strong religious bases and guidance. Though a minor crowd has been moving away from the religion due to worldly attractions, there is a speed increase in both western and eastern muslim society who would learn the religion in the original outline and adhere strictly and collectively to its preaching. 

Have a look at how Bediuzzaman answers a Russian police who once saw him planning his madrasa to be built in Georgia, in a time the muslim world was scattered and found itself in more than a distressful condition. In a dialogue between them Bediuzzaman says to the police in a sound hope and with a sharp site of a visionary, “Three lights are beginning to be revealed after the other in Asia and the world of Islam. while with you three layers of darkness will start to recede one over the other. This veil of despotism will be torn down and I will come and build my school here”. When the police was astonished at his hope and mentions the Islamic world as fragmented he replies, “Every spring is followed by spring and every night has its dawn. The Islamic world has gone to study, india is a talented child of Islam and it is studying the british high school. Egypt is an astute child of Islam; it is taking lessons in the british school for civil servants. Caucasia and Turkistan are two valiant son of Islam; they are training in the Russian war academy. Yes, when these noble children of Islam have received their diplomas, each will -lead a continent, and waving the banner of Islam-their just and mighty father-on the horizons of perfection, they will proclaim the mystery of pre eternal wisdom inherent in mankind in the view of pre-eternal divine determining in the face of obstinate fate”.

The Ottoman Empire was in decline when he stated this and it was the primary phase of the destruction of the muslim ummah. But for Bediuzzaman it was but a schooling period of this community who will later graduate to achieve a huge victory. Today all what we see around us is nothing but merely a labor pain  of this ummah. Soon it would bring about a good omen of begetting a strong Islamic society.

In fact, all the losses, destructions and pains what we are going through are nothing but transient occurring of this temporary world. Does not the God ask from us in the Quran of our thought of being rightful owners to the heaven without undergoing difficulties? Yes, the torments and calamities befalling on us are but test of the all compassionate one who would like to see us as worthier beings in paradise hence endurance is the only remedy that’s expected from us. And the fruit for our patience will result in victory in both the worlds, in spite of all those planning, in spite of all those adversities.

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