Longing For a Piece of Peace

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Have you noticed the silence of a far dense forest with a melodious flow of a hurrying river on it, or that in the limit’s of the lands where the seas embraces the horizons accompanied by the desperate cries of the hungry sea gulls? Or have you ever walked through a single foot-path on which the leaves loose themselves down letting even the trees unknown? For something that your mind had been longing for that very second, something that would be the cause for the regret of not living that moment, for something that you would pay the worlds as price to get it back but still you wouldn’t, it will after all be but a small familiar concept, Peace and still being unaware of its real meaning. Yes, finally its just this thing that you have been searching for and always has been but an open mystery, never solved by anyone except for a few.

Peace is calmness, peace is serenity, peace is tranquility, peace is advancement and peace totally is beautiful. This beautiful concept has always been stuck with the mankind, and he has always been welcoming it and in fact longing for it in its absence. Alas never do most of them succeed to achieve it because the mode and method they use to crawl towards this precious theory is always something inhuman.

Terrorism is the strongest enemy of peace. This is the first and final resort of all those who hate peace not of those who love it. The world today has an uncountable digit of terrorist movements whom consider themselves to be fighting for sacred causes may be religious, lingual, and ethnical or whatever appears to be differentiating the man. Unfortunately this tactic would but bring hatred and separation between nations moreover within nations. Arms have lost their power anymore; it’s just an expired concept which thrives before us triggered by some international companies to fill their pockets with mega money. Those who tend to adopt this as their mode of struggle have always got a bad news ahead, failure. Terrorism is the symbol of unproductiveness, it gains no profit to any part involved but brings disaster and resists the progression of whomever society carrying it out. The world today would thrive only with peaceful discussions and solutions without violence. This is the emblem of the advancing nations; this is the iconic character of the conversant societies who would always welcome peace and peaceful actions. Only this could lead to achieve more positive results.

The final messenger of islam (pbuh) was indeed a messenger of peace. He transformed the total barbaric illiterate Arab society into a well educated people who would later carry the beautiful message of Islam to various parts of the world, enlightening even the dark deep seas with guidance. The only sword he used was, Peace. He brought both peace to the mind and peace to the world. This beautiful method is an example for the whole humanity, to use the sword of peace to achieve missions. Because, those who have tend to adopt this means since the past have only befallen with success and not with failure.

It’s explicit that the human kind starves for peace today. There is no peace in mind neither in the world. So many selfish minds have corrupted this world which deserves to live in peace and security. Hence, the message of peace should be passed to the whole humanity; it should be made lived both in the hearts then on the earth. The struggle for peace should be initiated in every human mind first of all so that the future generation would only spell the sacred word of peace; never should they long for it as we are now.  

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Aqmal Ahsan

Aqmal Ahsan

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