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What I have picked up as topic for this month is something of high controversy in the modern times, highly spoken under classified subjects worldwide, a topic much related to a population of 1.7 billion people around the globe but inspite all those headlines it makes it’s all about a Deen distorted-Islam.

Islam is a way of  life in a simple phrase. Unlike the concept religion it has invaded every minute particle of the human life and guides the humankind towards a prosperous life. Human mind is the sound focus of this so mentioned constitution. In accordance with the natural state of the human mind it guides this towards righteousness and tends to protect it from evils that are most likely to influence it in negative means.  And yes, the simple form of life is derived from here, all what are good and accordance with the human nature is Islam and whatever against it are anti-Islam. This simple it is.

Unfortunately today the teachings of Islam is misinterpreted in various formats, sometimes helping radical notions be derived along with un based anti Islamic concepts which have finally led a large portion of this world to see it as a religion of terror, a system of bureaucracy, a life of imprisonment and all the rest of it. For some, Islam is mysticism, for some others it’s about a set of law or the so called Shariah. This clearly depicts the state of most of the  Muslims being themselves not clarified of this simple ideology.

Unlike the negative kinds of contexts mentioned above Islam is a way which is much rational to think of and so practical to live out. It has space for people with different ideologies in a society. A welcoming hand is always kept lifted for whoever find for refuge. There’s no place for hate and extreme ideologies in fact it’s a religion which strictly condemn the use of force with regard to religion. No doubt this is an open fort for all those who wish to live in harmony. This is it, this is the most precise description of the so mentioned way of life.

Today because of so many irresponsible ways of behaviors and some misinterpretations of certain radical groups, the beautiful serene picture of Islam has been distorted and very minute parts like the criminal law and obligations pertaining to man and god have been totalized as the whole body of this expansive faith and led way to yield a lot of criticisms and allegories by those who decide on religion on the basis of its followers rather the teachings it consists of.

Amidst all these, Islam is the fastest adopted way of life by thousands of people around the globe especially the western population simply because, the potion to unity and respect for human life is found in this practice. It’s definitely not a Deen worthy of being distorted rather the other way around. 

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Aqmal Ahsan

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